Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catching Up

A photographic review of the last month or so:

I mentioned before that mid-August saw the big 5-year FLI alumni reunion come to pass. It remains one of the more monumental events of our summer. Here we are (there were about 25 of us) at Red Robin at the close of the weekend:

The next week, Mom, Dad and Steve came for a visit. Steve and I refinished our dining room table, which is one of my best Craigslist purchases ever.

Dad did all kinds of jobs around the house, including installing a new patio door. He says we "worked him like a rented mule," but I'm pretty sure he loved every minute of it. This pic was too good not to post:

Lorien got lots of lovin:

Babies, babies, babies... I got to capture portraits of two kiddos from our small group: Maggie at 4 weeks:

...and Sam at 9 months. This happy boy is 4 months younger than Lorien, but weighs just as much if not more than she does:

Annnnnnnddd... we have a new nephew: Macrae Paxton Randall, born September 11, 2010, to Josh's sister Christy and her husband Nathan. He is in Michigan, so I am not sure when we will meet him in person, but we're pretty glad he's here!