About Lindy

I'm a farm kid at heart. I grew up with the corn and the cows, along with mom, dad and three younger brothers in southwest Ohio. I've raked a lot of hay, mowed a lot of grass and shoveled a lot of soybeans. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Since 1999, I've been a Colorado transplant, and I find myself growing very comfortably in the sunshine and the mountains. Here I became a wife and a mom, and those roles have turned me inside out and taught me to love in ways I never imagined.

I've been purchased, heart and soul, by the wondrous love of Christ. It's my singular goal to follow him more closely each day.

I find the Christian life to be rich and robust, intellectually, emotionally, relationally and aesthetically. On the other hand, I know that lots of people have had a very different, much more painful experience with religion in general and Christianity in particular. I want to listen well to those folks and understand where they're coming from. When I write about my faith, I want to do so in ways that people who disagree with me can respect.

I think. All the time. Even in my sleep, I'm pretty sure. Sometimes I talk too fast. I instinctively make connections and see patterns that are either clever or crazy, depending on your perspective.

I. Love. Words. I'm such a geek. I have a degree in English and get excited about things like grammar and syntax and punctuation. I love stories and beautiful lyrics and certain kinds of poetry, and I hang my hat on intellectually honest journalism.

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