Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lorien's 3rd Birthday

The other very important thing that happened in July was Lorien turning three. Words to describe our girl at THREE: articulate, observant and compassionate. She loves to jump, loves to sing, loves books, and is pretty uninterested in eating and potty training. She is an awfully good big sister and she brings us joy every day!

To celebrate, we had a Veggie Tales Party with family and friends: 

July Recap

In July, we traveled to the Midwest. Lots of folks had a loving hand in bringing Josh's Grandma Keffer from Greenville, Ill., to Indianapolis so that she could meet Josiah for the first time. Uncle Richard and Aunt Judy made the drive, and Uncle Jim and Aunt Marti hosted all of us. 

Mini Family Reunion
Great Grandma Keffer with Lorien and Josiah

Three (out of four) generations
The next day was July 4th, so we headed for downtown Indy, where Doug and Chad and their boys were renting a condo for the summer. We started our Independence Day celebration with a trip to the zoo  our kids' first. I hope I never forget the look on Lorien's face when we entered the first exhibit: the aquarium. She was enthralled! The other thing I won't quickly forget is the heat. It was beastly hot.

Hot, fat baby

Daddy and Lorien at the zoo

India baby: Ezra couldn't care less about the heat!

From the condo, it was a short walk to view the fireworks. It was probably the latest our kids have ever stayed up and they did great!

Josiah with his cousins, Ezra and Cedric. They are 2 months younger than him. Josiah may have been guilty of squashing Cedric's nose right before this picture was taken. 

Both of the kids loved the fireworks and weren't scared. 

We headed back to Ohio to spend more time with family and friends. One special visit was with my good friend Lori. We got to meet her new little guy, Micah. Boy have they been waiting a long time for this baby!

Elli, Micah, Lorien and Josiah. Can you tell from this photo that Josiah out-eats his sister at most meals?

What's a trip to Ohio without a visit to Young's Dairy?
Feeding the goats

A tractor-tire tunnel
Back home in Colorado... The garden is producing!

Holy zucchini, Batman!
It makes me so happy that our kids like each other so much. 
Family Photo

Josiah turned 10 months old...

And our annual Institute alumni reunion brought some old friends back to visit. 

Lorien with her buddy Mindy