Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Recap

October began with Josiah and me traveling to Atlanta for Catalyst to represent FLI and meet with alumni in the area. My mom met us there to hang out with the little guy while I was working. I must admit, though, that it didn't feel much like work. It was such an excellent conference. The flight home was a different story, though. I was that mom with the screaming toddler for most of the shuttle from the conference center to the airport and most of the flight from Atlanta to Denver. Of course, by the time we got in the car at DIA (where he couldn't bother anyone but me) he quieted down and went to sleep. 

{Update: Here's a post I eventually wrote for FLI's Faith & Action Blog about the Catalyst conference itself.}

We took a Sunday afternoon trip to a pumpkin patch north of Colorado Springs. The pumpkins don't really grow there. They're just carted in to make a fun experience for kids and families. 

Pony ride!
On top of the world. (One of my favorite photos of this girl!)
He's a climber!


Farm kids. 
October apparently involved a lot of dressing up—first for the FLI barn dance (one of my favorite activities of the year) and then for Halloween.

We had tried this setup for the barn dance when Lorien was little and it worked well. Mommy can dance and haul the kid around at the same time. 

Three out of four. Daddy's not a big fan of dancing. 

Halloween: Josiah went as Jack Jack from The Incredibles (thanks to one of the fall students so christening him) and Lorien went as a pirate. 

She initially chose this costume, but by the time Trick or Treat came, she was on to something else (I don't even remember what.) The costume already being planned, borrowed, and created, I didn't really give her a choice.

Mimi says she is a fairy pirate.