Monday, January 18, 2010

Belated Post: Our Anniversary Celebration

We finally made it to the Broadmoor Sunday Brunch to celebrate our sixth anniversary. Sooooo glad we made the effort to go back after things didn't work out the first time. First of all, I loooove the Broadmoor, because it's so beautiful. And second, well, all of the food was amazing. And there was a LOT of food.

This was just my first trip to the buffet. I wish I could describe how much good food there was...fruits, cold meats, hot carved meats, breads, traditional breakfast foods, salads, desserts (bananas foster crepes....mmmmm!), smoothies, fresh squeezed juice. If it wouldn't have been tacky, I would have spent the whole lunch taking pictures of the food. As it was, we just snapped a couple with the point and shoot. But oh how much fun it would have been with the SLR.

Yummy coffee.

Happy anniversary to us!

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