Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Spring in Colorado is always an elusive thing, and this year is no exception. It has felt like it will just never get warm. But last week, everything suddenly started blooming. It made for a gorgeous Mother's Day.

To celebrate, we took Josh's mom and dad out to eat at Tako Japanese restaurant. Yum! Josh (and Lorien) got me a little frappuccino maker too. Double yum!

Signs of Spring

Me and my girl!


Thoughts on my first Mother's Day: Before I had a daughter, people would say you can't understand how much you can possibly love a little person until you have kids of your own. My strongest sentiment this Mother's Day is that they are so right. I love my baby girl so much that it hurts.

Tonight we had such a sweet moment. Ever since she started sleeping well at night, we have had a routine of her going to bed first and me getting her up to feed her before I go to bed. She barely wakes up, but she gets her belly all the way full, and then we all get a better night's sleep. We have kept that routine longer than I really meant to, and now it is probably time to stop doing that late night feeding. So we have been backing it up each week until it is just barely an hour after her bedtime feeding. That's kinda silly, so I think it's time to drop it completely. If all goes well, I plan to drop it tomorrow night. Which means that tonight was the last night for it.

I cried.

That time has been so sweet. She always goes right back to sleep on my shoulder after I feed her. Josh comes in and kisses her goodnight. Then I just sit and rock her for a few minutes and soak in her sweetness.

I know it will mean a better night's sleep for her if I don't interrupt her, but I will miss that time together. So thankful to be Lorien's mommy.


  1. Makes sense, :-) because intimacy is such a wonderful thing. It sounds sortof-kindof-like one of my favorite things about my job -- the job for which I have to leave my house at 4:30 AM in order to be there at 5 AM -- one of my favorite parts is the 20 min. drive there because it can be 20 min. of praying in the dark & quiet, and there's little traffic to distract. As I said, only sortof-kindof-like, but related in the time for closeness of loving presence.