Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eleven Month Portraits and Update

Lorien turned 11 months old on June 19th. She is such a joy! She is a good eater and a good sleeper. Still super-curious about everything in her world. She really watches what's going on around her. And still examines things carefully with one itty bitty index finger.

She says "oh yeah," "uh oh," "dada" and "mama." Not sure that she knows what they mean, but she says them really consistently. As she turned 11 months she had just started to crawl forward--just one movement at a time, though. In the past few days, she has finally started to string together several forward motions in a row, so she is officially crawling. (Whew!)

She is getting a bit opinionated. She will sometimes cry if we hand her to someone she doesn't know well. She loves the nursery at church, though, and never has any trouble being dropped off there.

Here are her 11-month pics, taken in a beautiful dress given to her by Great Grandma Keffer and the Miles family, before she was even born.

And a couple of "outtakes," just to show what she's up to these days:

Getting around is a creating mixture of crawling, spinning, scooting, sitting and rolling.

She is soooooo flexible.

It is awfully hard to take the fuss seriously when it's this cute.

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  1. I can't believe YOU would have an opinionated daughter. You know your own mind better than most. Love that about you. Thanks for the pictures and update.