Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It seems so strange to say that the FLI all alumni reunion that I have been planning for three years has now come and gone. I am very pleased with how the weekend turned out, even though the event felt like a moving target for so long. We really didn't know how many people we were planning for until about a month ago. In the end about 200 people came through the doors and it was sooooo good to see old friends again ... and to meet some new ones.
And now, after two moves, two trips to Ohio, a funeral, a reduction in force at work, the addition of some new responsibilities and a big deal reunion in the past five months, I have eight whole days off. In a row. Loverly! Unfortunately, Josh doesn't have the same luxury. Having him home with us is the only thing that would make this week even better.

Last night I slept from 10:30-7. Got up, fed Lorien breakfast and went for a short run with her in the jogging stroller. (Haven't been running much in the past...oh, two years, so we are starting slow.) Came back, ate my own breakfast, put baby girl down for a nap and then took my coffee outside to read the last part of Jeremiah on the backyard swing. (I won't even tell you how long it has taken me to read Jeremiah. It's embarrassing.) Had a shower, and now I am read to tackle the last piles in the basement.

I'm really hoping to finish going through boxes today and tomorrow. Mom, Dad and Steve are coming tomorrow evening. It will be so good to have some time with them, and Dad is itching to get some projects done around our house (yay!). I'm hoping to have everything all staged to do that so that we can dispense with the moving in and really start making this house a home.

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  1. The 52 chapters of Jeremiah are quite a haul to get thru, so I discourage you from being embarrassed about that. If nothing else, it's not exactly a cheerful book (the fall of Jerusalem is described twice), but on top of that, there's lots of obscure historical allusions and "huh?" moments. And, if I remember right, one of the final chapters (like 50 or 51) is more than 2 pages long.

    Please tell your parents & Steve that I said hi!