Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Before" Part Two: Downstairs

More "before" pictures: 

The front of the house ... or PART of the front of the house, anyway.
My lens wouldn't allow me to get the whole thing.
I promise I will get a good one soon. 

Just inside the front door is the living room. 

Another view of the living room, from the top of the stairs.
This gives you a perspective on how the living and dining rooms
are laid out. For reference, the front door is out of view
in the bottom right of the photo. 

Dining room with our craigslist table and free hutch.
I have big plans for the hutch, and it will not be the
same color when I am through. 

Family room, with the kitchen counter in the bottom right. 

Another view of the family room. Sliding patio door has already been
replaced, thanks to Josh and my dad. 

View from the family room: you can see the kitchen on the left
and barely see the living room beyond the stairs. 

Still to come: I need to post shots of the kitchen, basement and yard. 

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  1. Your house is so clean! :o) You must not have to small boys there right now.