Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Before" Part Two: Upstairs

I took the whole week of Thanksgiving off and spent some time hanging out with Lorien and working on stuff around the house. We've reached a new plateau, of sorts: Most everything is unpacked and put away, but almost nothing has been personalized. All of these big, blank ivory walls feel like empty canvases to me, and I am just itching to put some color and some art on them. 

The last time I posted interior pictures of the house, the previous owner's stuff was still all over the place, so I thought this would be a good time to post another round, now that it's really ours and before we begin in earnest the work we want to do on it. So here is round two of "before" pictures. 

Lorien's room. It is the only room we painted before we moved in.
It's light yellow with a white faux finish. 

Her quilt is also one of the only things we've hung on the walls so far.
Still to do in this room: curtains, throw pillows for the window seat
and other wall hangings. It is a sweet, bright cheery room. 

Guest room. The walls and ceiling of this one need some repair work.

Office. This desk was a craigslist purchase that looks like it was MADE to fit
in this room. So excited about that, even if it is vintage 90s. Still to do
in this room: paint, art, curtains, and some fun stuff like
chalkboard paint on the closet doors, I think. 

Guest bath. We are all using this shower/tub because the master bath shower is not functional yet. 

Just want to point out that it came with a very snazzy toilet seat... 

... and a very bad tile job. :( 

Master bedroom

and another view

and another. I don't have a vision yet for colors in here. 

Master bath, with what Josh refers to as my redneck carpet job.
It's two different remnants covering the floor  until we are able to tile it. 

And here is the lovely project that greeted us in the master bath
when we ripped  up the old carpet. Gonna have to do a little more
demolition to find out the extent of the damage. Fun stuff.
We already have the new tile purchased, and I love it! 

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