Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen!

Easter morning dawned bright, wait...this is Colorado.

Once again, we had snow on Easter morning. Every time it snows on Easter, I have two thoughts. One is from my childhood because I remember my dad saying that if it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain for seven Sundays afterward. I always think, "What if it snows on Easter? Will it snow for seven Sundays straight?" With as cold as this spring has been, I have been tempted to think so.

And now, as an adult, I always think of my pastor, who moved to Colorado Springs from Texas six years ago. He was so flabbergasted by the first few Easter snows—now I am sure that it snows on Easter just to mess with his mind.

We started the morning with Easter baskets, but quickly discovered that Lorien is not quite old enough for jelly beans (got a little choked up on one). She did really like the plastic eggs and the chocolate, though. I am so completely awed by the sight of her in her Easter dress—love having a little girl to dress up, and she had fun with it too.

An anecdote from sharing Easter with a not-quite-two-year old: among Lorien's favorite things right now are tunnels. At the playground, at the play place at the mall, at Whit's End, she will crawl through them over and over. So a week or so ago, she was looking at a baby Bible story book and saw the illustration of Jesus in front of the empty tomb. Her caption? "Jesus...In a tunnel!"

It is such a privilege to worship together with our church family, and I really enjoyed celebrating Easter morning with them. After church, we had a yummy ham dinner with Josh's parents, and Lorien received a baby doll as an Easter gift—good practice for her debut as a big sister later this year.

Carrot Cake...yum!

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