Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Jack Sparrow Kind of Day

We recently re-watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and I was reminded how much I love the line at the end in which Jack Sparrow says to Will Turner, “If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.”

Our family has been waiting for an opportune moment for a while now...praying about it diligently for months...and yesterday it came.

Josh’s degree is in film and video production, but with the economic downturn coinciding with his college graduation, he hasn’t had the opportunity to work full time in that field. Instead, he has been working days in executive protection at Focus, and doing video work on the side. But he has always hoped return to the film and video world as his primary work.

Over the years, it has become clear that the people who are making a living in film and video in Colorado Springs are—for the most part—independent contractors. Making the leap from a steady paycheck every two weeks to self-employment was kind of daunting, but we were watching and praying for the opportunity to do so. At times, it seemed like it would never happen. But so many things have fallen into place over the past few weeks: small but important changes in my job that made it feel like I could continue to do it after baby #2 arrives, significant new freelance opportunities for Josh, and the chance for him to pick up some (unrelated) part time work this summer to help ease us through the transition.

The last of these puzzle pieces just fell into place on Thursday. We knew we had about a week to make the decision, but as it turns out, it didn't take that long. By Sunday night, we knew that Josh would be submitting his resignation to Focus on Monday morning. It was good for him to be able to leave under favorable circumstances: no hard feelings, no broken relationships, just the assurance that it’s time to begin a new season.

And so... a new season begins. If you need a good video editor, I happen to know one.

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