Thursday, May 12, 2011

Famous Last Words

So, I am completely regretting something I said to Josh the weekend after Spring Graduation. I commented that I was really looking forward to this semester break, because it’s the first time since...I can’t even remember...December 2008??...when I’ve had a semester break and no personal or professional crisis to deal with. (When I say crisis, I don’t necessarily mean something bad. Sometimes it was just a major event that consumed all of my time, but still...)

But this time I was going to stay right here in Colorado Springs—we’re not planning to travel to Ohio until June—and catch up on life, both at home and at work.


The Monday after graduation, we found out that our VP, who happens to also be one of the most talented teachers the Institute has ever had, is leaving. Total surprise. Now that I have posted the official announcement, I can say it here.

Oh boy. Too much going through my head. Last week was lots of work that I didn’t originally have on my docket. Now we are sort of back to normal—at least in the sense that I am cleaning off my desk, tying up loose ends from Spring, and chipping away at the hefty to-do list I had constructed for myself in the one-day interval between graduation and massive-change-of-plans.

But I am also wondering what God is up to here...


  1. I Cant wait to talk with you. I feel for you so much. more than I can say and turning this into a burden to pray!

  2. Did Doc L. leave town?

  3. He's still in to going someplace else, but I think his family really wants to stay in COS. Doc-at-teamleland-dot-com