Friday, May 4, 2012

Bloths and other Lorienisms

Every few years, Colorado Springs receives a springtime invasion of miller moths. This has been one of those unfortunate years. Lorien is kinda freaked out about them. She definitely needs to make sure that there are none in her room before she goes to bed.

The moths have provided an occasion for some of her entertaining phraseology. At first, she called them bloths. Now she consistently remembers what they're called, but that thing we use to kill them? It's still a swatwater. She is awfully impressed with Daddy's skills with the swatwater.

A few other cute sayings of late:

"He bless-youed." - after a Josiah sneeze

"A hollypop" for a lollypop

And, she's still got some of her Yoda syntax: "I drank my juice all."

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