Thursday, April 26, 2012

Josiah - Seven Months

Josiah turned seven months old on April 14. He is sitting up solidly and just after hitting the seven month mark, he started crawling. It's mostly an army crawl, with some hands and knees thrown in here and there. No doubt about it, though, he can get where he wants to go now!

We were very surprised when Josiah was born with hair. By the time he was a month old, it started falling out, and he eventually lost almost all of it. Except for a little patch right on the crown of his head. So now that part is significantly longer than the rest of his hair, and it is so cute! (And a little out of control.) 

Melts my heart!
So I took these shots on this background and in this pose, because I have this shot of Lorien at seven months and I wanted a mirror image one of Josiah to print and hang next to it. What do you think?

Maybe this one, which is more similar to the shot of big sister?

Or this one? (I think it's a cuter expression.)


  1. We have a colleague whose son just turned one, and he has two layers of hair. It's the cutest thing ever. I think Cedric and Ezra both lost all of their newborn hair, so the hair that's coming in now is all the same length. These are excellent pics, sis!

  2. Oh, that tuft of hair! :o). Looking forward to seeing your babies in person memorial day weekend!

  3. Yes, and not so long of a drive between here and Abby's this time. Yay!!