Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15th

It's a big day. 

First, it's Josh's sister Christy's birthday. We hope it has been a happy one!

Five years ago today, my dear coworker Sheryl DeWitt died. I can't believe it's been five years. I am a different person because I knew her.

One year ago today, Josh left his job at Focus on the Family to go full time with 550 Productions. What a year it has been! As startup years go, it has been a good one. We ended in the black. That's about all you can ask for in the first year of a new business, right? 

And we have definitely ridden the roller coaster of full-time contract work. January had 80-hour weeks and an all-nighter. In February, there was hardly any work at all. But in the end, everything shook out OK. 

Several things have been meaningful to me. First, it is SO good to see Josh working in the field he loves. Even though it hasn't all been easy, there is just something about doing what you love that makes it all worth it. Second, it's been amazing to watch God provide for our needs. Not far and away above what we needed, lest we become too confident in our own earning power. But exactly what we needed, often within a few dollars. 

And finally, the people. Two or three guys have become like big brothers in the business, providing mentoring and opportunities that are absolutely priceless. 550's first year wouldn't have been the same without them.

Oh, and regarding the obvious connotation of April 15: tax day. We took the advice of friends who are or have been small business owners and had our taxes prepared by an accountant. It's true. He saved us more than we paid him to do the work. And believe me, after 11 years of doing the returns myself, I was glad to wash my hands of it!

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