Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun

It was a whole week full of Easter festivities!

 Lorien and Josiah's first Easter egg hunt...

The funny thing was that between the scattering/hiding of the eggs and the time that the kids came out to hunt them, the sprinklers came on! This hard core mom was taking one for the team, covering the sprinkler head with her hand. I'm glad I don't know her personally, because I'm sure she would hate this pic, but it was such a funny situation, I had to include it. 

Very serious

Easter morning 

She sure loves her "friends" (which means any stuffed animal)

Josiah has earned himself the nickname "roly poly"

Easter dress-up pics

I think this dress is just the sweetest thing ever  

At least Mimi and Papa are smiling and looking at the camera

Josiah had a bit of an Easter outfit fail, thanks to mom. I so wanted him to wear this sweet vest, but hadn't had it on him in several weeks and I discovered too late that he is too fat for it now. But considering the dismal state of my laundry operations right now, there were no other choices, so wear it he did.  

Future blackmail picture

Daddy and his munchkins

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