Friday, August 31, 2012

August Recap

The garden is still producing...fresh flowers this time. 
I got inspired by this red checked tablecloth that I inherited from my Grandma Beam. Normally I wouldn't post so many pictures of the same subject, but oh, my! I'm smitten...

Love his signature crossed ankles in this one and the next...

Back to Ohio we went, and this time we DROVE. Partially so we could see Grandma Keffer again as we passed through Greenville, and partially just to see if we could do it. Our kids were TROOPERS. They did so great on the drive. Seriously, we borrowed a DVD player for the car and never had to use it. I was so encouraged that we can get out and travel with these little ones and actually enjoy it.

(In the interest of full disclosure, the drive was not perfect. Lorien threw up three times on the way through St. Louis, and the neighborhood where we stopped to clean up the mess was, shall we say, a bit ghetto. Fastest puke clean-up in the history of road trips. Also, on the way home, we had a double meltdown in the back seat just as we were crossing from Kansas to Colorado. I suppose you can't blame them after the neverending drive through Kansas.)  

Ohio highlights: 

Christy, Nathan and Macrae came down from Michigan to visit, and Dad Beam rolled out the red, the slip-n-slide. 

Christy and Macrae on the slip-n-slide

Mommy and Lorien. She liked the slide better this time than she did last summer. 

Josiah and Grandpa
Josiah turned 11 months old on August 14 and needed some farmer boy photos...

Macrae is a pretty big tractor fan too. this place.

The official reason for traveling to Ohio a second time: to celebrate Steve's graduation from Full Sail University AND his 24th birthday. Congratulations, Steve!

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