Friday, January 31, 2014

January Recap

We're just getting it out of our system...

All the things we don't want to deal with after baby is born next month, we're just doing them now: surgery, sickness, teething, travel. Suffice it to say that January has been a little difficult.

After SIX different courses of antibiotics for Josiah's ear infections between June and November, mama had enough of the antibiotics. It made me sick to think of what we were doing to his little digestive system with all that. It was time for tubes.

On January 9, we headed up to Denver EARLY in the morning. Like 4:30 early. The surgery itself took about 10 minutes, and Josiah did great. We also had a great experience with both Dr. Sheri Poznanovic and the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. I'd recommend them for anyone needing a pediatric ENT.

Ready to roll...
Daddy's ready to roll too. Josh went with him into
the OR until he was under anesthetic. They used a mask
with strawberry flavored gas to knock him out.
Afterward, Josiah described it this way:
"They put a strawberry on my mouth!"

First he thought he would ride in his bed down to the OR...
...then he decided he'd help push his bed. 
Fortunately, this was NOT the aftermath of the tubes surgery. Unfortunately,
it was the stomach bug. The. Very. Next. Day. Are you kidding me?!

At this point I am like 10 months pregnant, all of us get sick, and Josh leaves for two consecutive work trips to Portland and then Prague. Amazing opportunities, both. And plenty of footage to stay home and edit after baby is born. But not fun timing for sickness in the house! And did I mention that Josiah, who has always been a bear of a teether, also decided to pop out 2 new molars this month? Sheesh!

In Prague
Lorien, at least, had some fun times this month,
including Ancient Egypt day at preschool. Here she is
with her lead teacher, Mrs. Cleopatra, I mean, Beck. :) 

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