Friday, July 16, 2010

A Brief Update

We have been a leeeetle busy around here lately, and I have much to say, but the photos and details will have to wait.

We DID close on our house on June 29. I think we attempted to schedule a closing four times before we actually succeeded in doing so. We cleaned and painted for a few days and then moved over the July 4th weekend. We had lots of great help. And I mean lots. So much help that we ordered seven pizzas for lunch and there were only two pieces left over.

Then we worked (as in, went to work) for two days.

And then we flew to Ohio for Grandma Harris's memorial service.

That was sad. But good to be with family and good for a little closure.

Now we are trying to get all of our stuff organized in the new house. Well, I am trying to get organized. Josh is installing an attic fan, because it was 86 DEGREES in this house earlier this week.

Next weekend we will have a first birthday party for Lorien. Can't believe our sweet girl has been with us for a whole year.

More soon, I hope...

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