Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Year Portraits and Update

Here are the one year photos. I'm kind of glad that this is the end of the portraits every month project (I think I will do every six months from now on), because between months 11 and 12, she got very mobile, so it was super hard to get good pics. Here are a few, though:

It has been a year, and I still can't get enough of these big blue eyes. Probably never will.

I loooooove the birthday dress. So girly!
(Here, she is thinking about base jumping off the corner of the bed.)

She is quite musical. Here she is playing with a shaker.

She is into making faces all the time now.

Sometimes I will catch her making faces at herself in the mirror.

Most of the pictures looked like this,
because she was trying to grab the camera.

Or like this, because I wouldn't let her grab the camera.

Lorien started crawling just a day or two after she hit eleven months. She hasn't stopped since. At her one-year checkup Dr. Kautz noted that her growth has slowed down because she is burning so many calories crawling. He recommends supplementing her food with butter to make up the difference. :)

She cut her first top tooth (third tooth total) just a few days before she turned one. She is still very verbal. New words this month are bear, Boo (Grammy and Grandpa's dog), and amen. She loves to sing (favorite song to sing with Mommy is Do-Re-Mi, emphasis on the mi, mi, mi) and clap her hands to any music. She is somewhat afraid of thunder.

The cutest development is that she loves "cleaning." She will pull the dish towel off the front of the stove and wipe the floor with it. She can be entertained by this for 10-15 minutes at a time. She pulls up to her knees frequently, and cruises a bit, but doesn't pull up to her feet, stand alone, or walk yet. She is beginning to make the switch from nursing to whole milk.

She is a total joy and makes us laugh all the time!

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