Sunday, July 25, 2010

We have a birthday girl!

Lorien turned ONE on Monday, July 19th. Boy am I glad it's this year and not last year. At this point a year ago, I was totally sleep deprived and still in a good deal of pain.

We celebrated twice this week: once with Grammy and Grandpa over a dinner of Chinese chicken salad on her actual birthday, and also today, with an open house for friends of all ages.

Lorien was a total angel for the party. She was very meticulous about exploring her cake. I thought that might be the case, since that's how she explores most things. In the end, she decided she preferred a slice of apple to the cake. So we didn't have any great cake-mess pictures, but we did have a great time.

I think there were about 40 people total in attendance. These are all of the people we have been telling, "Once we get some space, we want to invite you to our house." It was so special to finally be able to do that. People brought some beautiful and fun gifts, for which we are very thankful.

Lorien ended her party day with sweet kisses for mommy and daddy. She's usually moving to fast to snuggle much, so that was a nice treat. She is such a joy to us!

Here are some pictures of the celebration:

The "smash cake"

Cupcakes, so there will be lots of treats to go around...

The sweet guest of honor

Checking out her little cake with one little finger.

She did finally eat some cake from Grammy's finger.

This is all the damage she managed to do.

Our little family

Playing in the pile of gifts. Thanks to all who made this such a special day!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
    What does the expression on Lorien's face in the "Our little family" picture mean? :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Love. You are richly blessed. We love you all the way from Nebraska.