Monday, January 3, 2011

Seven Years

Focus on the Family was kind enough to give us our anniversary off of work. OK, well, even if it was the New Year's holiday, it was nice! We had a no-pressure Monday morning. (I would say low-key, but Josh actually worked his butt off at building a dog run in our side yard.)

After lunch, we dropped Lorien off at Mimi and Papaw's and headed to the theater for a Voyage of the Dawntreader matinee, followed by dinner at MacKenzie's Chop House. (Mmmmmmm....steak!) We had a fun, relaxing time hanging out, seeing the show, eating good food and talking about dreams, ideas and plans for the next year.


  1. Sounds fun!
    I'd like to hear or read your review of the movie, if possible. I spoke with a fifth grader who gave it something of a thumbs-down.

  2. It was OK, not great. The book is VERY linear, which wouldn't make for a a very good movie. But in trying to make it complex enough for a movie plot, they didn't manage to come up with a very coherent story (Josh's observation). I really enjoyed the actor who played Eustace--thought he captured the character well. But it was fun to relax for a couple of hours and watch a movie, which doesn't happen too often in our lives.

  3. dog run - does this mean you are getting a dog?

  4. Yes...exciting post coming soon. :)