Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Visit From Gamaw and Capaw

My mom and dad came for a visit and to attend the Focus over Fifty conference. We wondered how Xander would do with guests in the house for five days, since he is rather territorial about having people besides us in "his" house. He isn't mean, but he barks and barks, and he has such a huge voice, so it really annoying after a very short time. 

Well, Dad tamed the beast...

My dad loves to torment, er, play with puppies. He would throw the ball for Xander over, and over and over. So, for the most part, Xander decided it was OK for him to be in the house. He still wasn't sure what he thought of Mom, but he even calmed down a little around her as the week passed. 

Lorien is blessed to have two grandpas who LOVE to read to her. She and Dad read every book she owns at least three times, I think. Since Mom and Dad left, we have heard her ask for, "Campaw. More books?" several times. Apparently, her other favorite part of their visit was playing with Grandma in the back yard, because she also asks for "Gamaw, outside. Fwing?"

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