Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun with Friends

 I love the fact that my college friends Shelley and Jason are big Colorado fans. Jason, especially, can't lose the sneaking suspicion that he is meant to live here at some point in his life. So that means every year or two, they make their way to Colorado and we get to visit with them.

This time, they were in Buena Vista, Co., for a Young Life leadership retreat at Trail West Lodge. They brought along Josiah, who is seven months old, while their older two kiddos got to hang out at Grandma's for the week. After their retreat was over, they came down to stay with us for a few nights. We had a great time catching up...all except for the time when Xander got tangled up in their laptop cord, got scared, and tried to run away backwards, knocking the computer off of the coffee table and breaking the power cord.

I had fun taking pictures of Josiah.

And Shelley took the rest of the photos...

We spent Friday afternoon at the park...very windy, but fun!

In front of our house. This picture cracks. me. up.

A little more serious this time. Also,  look how big Josiah is at
SEVEN months old (Lorien is 20 mos.)

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  1. The second to last picture is hilarious! Love it :)