Monday, September 23, 2013


Aside from a few newsy or funny kid things, I've been pretty quiet for the last month. That's because 1) I'm pregnant and currently prefer napping to blogging; and 2) we have been busy!

Here's what's happened/what's been accomplished since our little surprise announcement last month...

  • Defrosted the deep freeze and cleaned both freezers and the fridge. 
  • Lorien got pneumonia which, we discovered, takes 2 weeks to fully recover from. 
  • Had a CRAZY insane week (during the pneumonia, nonetheless) in which we tore out the master bathroom shower and the three built-in shelves in the master bedroom closet, prepared for a new shower and installed 12 (!!) new shelves in the closet, plus finished painting the living room, dining room, stairway and upstairs hall AND nursery. Let me tell you, this would not have been possible without the help of the whole village. My parents came specifically to help with the projects. My brother Steve and his friend Caleb pitched in, and Josh's parents helped with projects, meals and kids. Seriously, could not have done it without them!
  • And it took the whole next week to clean up the mess we made. 
  • Were really annoyed with Lowe's because the master bath project was really supposed to be an install of the new shower, which they promised would arrive during the week we planned for these projects, but was actually twelve days late. So now we have a new shower, but it's sitting in its corner still in boxes, because our shower installation expert (read: dad) is back in Ohio. 
  • Lorien started preschool. (She is having a blast!)
  • The pneumonia bug morphed into the ear infection bug and bit Josiah, and we did two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of that one. Being sick doesn't slow him down too much, but it sure did complicate the already exhausting dynamic we have going on right now. Josiah is a bit of a brute, and Lorien is total drama. So basically, every time he touches her, she has a meltdown. Both of them being sick was not helpful in that arena!
  • Edited the wedding shoot I did earlier in August and made it the first gallery on my new photography website. The site is still a work in progress, but take a look!
  • Called our insurance company about sixteen times because the process they have set up for switching from employer coverage to COBRA coverage is about as drawn out as they could possibly make it. Seriously, I sent in the COBRA paperwork a month ago and they are still showing our coverage as lapsed. (Yes, I now realize I should have sent it in two months ago. Hindsight is great.) Between pregnancy, pneumonia, well-child checkups and ear infections, we have been to the doctor a few times in the past six weeks, so now I'm getting all of these bills from providers who think I am not covered. I promise I am. I'm just waiting ... still waiting ... for someone at Ameriben to flip a switch and let everyone know that I have been covered every day since my job ended on August 2. 
  • Became incorporated. Yes, we now have two independent contractors and two S-Corporations living in our home. 
  • Had a two-birthday-party weekend for Josiah as he turned two last week. He likes parties!
A bunch of this happened while I was unemployed, but guess what! That only lasted two weeks. I started a new job on August 19. But that deserves more than a bullet point, so stay tuned for the next post!

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