Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Brunch

It's birthday week in the Keffer house. Josh's birthday was yesterday (3/13) and mine is coming up on Tuesday (3/16). My parents are in town to help us celebrate. OK, well mostly they're in town to get a grandbaby fix, and that's all right.

Yesterday morning, Bob and Lois hosted us for birthday brunch, and we recreated one of Josh's favorite breakfast meals from childhood: donuts and holes.

Bob cooks the meat. Mmmmmm ... sausage and bacon.

Mom makes fruit salad

Dad performs one of his favorite vacation activities:
reading all of the new coffee table books he can find.

And Josh and Lois do the honors on the donuts.

This is how they're supposed to look when they're ready to cook.

We used Pillsbury biscuits and cut out the holes
with a little bitty cookie cutter.

Then we fried them up.

Then we dunked them in glaze. This was my job, and I was
attempting to do it while taking pictures. Maybe not such a great idea.

The finished product: Yummy!

The finished product doubles as a birthday cake.
It is only 10:00 in the morning, after all.

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