Sunday, March 14, 2010

Singing with Daddy

One of the things we will not miss about our current house is the fact that Josh's guitar equipment has to live in Lorien's room, because there is just no other space to put it. This often means that we have to choose between naps for Lorien and guitar practice for Josh. It's not really a choice. The nap always wins, but it has been frustrating for Josh not to get to play very often.

However, on the rare occasion when she is awake and he has a few moments to play, she does like to hang out and sing with him. And boy does she sing. As a matter of fact, once recently he felt he should probably stop playing, because Lorien was screeching so loudly that Josh thought she might bother the neighbors. :) (We also won't miss sharing walls with our neighbors.)

Here are some fun pics from last Saturday morning:

I love my Daddy.

All smiles.

The shirt is totally appropriate. It says,
"If you think I'm cool, you should see my dad."

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