Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eight Month Portraits and Update

Eight months happened on the day before our big moving day (Saturday), so needless to say, the portraits had to wait a few days. The apartment we're staying in temporarily is a great place to shootlots of light!

Here's my precious girl:

This is Lorien's blanket made by Great Grandma Beam.
Every one of the Beam grandkids and great grandkids has at least one.
I think we currently have three in our house (two big-people
blankets and this little pink one).

Love her funny little expressions!

Can you tell she's blowing raspberries in this picture?
She blows really sloppy raspberries.

This is a getting sleepy pic. So typical: glassy eyes
and thumb in the mouth. That means it's naptime.

Here's another one we see almost daily: she blows little puffs of air
out the side of her mouth with a "p" sound. Closely related are the deep sighs she does out of both mouth and nose. So cute!

This is round two of photos...after the nap happened.

Love this sweet face!

This is my favorite facial expression of the day, hands-down

Slowly growing hair. Emphasis on slowly.

She is getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth.
Crawling is imminent. She just needs to figure out how to go forward rather than backward.

Here's what often happens as a result of her
not being able to put it in "drive."

And this too. Soon enough, kiddo, soon enough...

This has been such a lovely month. Mostly because Lorien got her digestive issues worked out and has been sleeping through the night again. Annnnd, I have finally gotten over my insomnia issues, so the past 3 weeks or so have been the best sleep I've gotten since she was born. (The angels are singing!)

She is at such a fun age right now. She is much more interested than before in playing with toys, and her fine motor skills are developing fast. She likes to explore the world around her by touching everything with one tiny index finger (and scratching with her even tinier fingernail.) The pre-crawl scooting is pretty cute too, as is her verbalizing.

Perhaps the most entertaining thing is watching her learn to handle finger foods. She's pretty good at getting the food into her hand. And getting her hand to her mouth. The problem is that she can't get the food out of her hand and into her mouth. She either drops the whole handful onto her lap, or she sticks her thumb/fingers into her mouth with the food and then can't get them out without also removing the food. The nice thing about this is that a few chunks of bread or spoonfuls of rice will keep her entertained for a whole meal!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I keep waiting for a sunny day to take Marcus' 3 month pictures! I've loved seeing yours on Facebook and you're inspiring me. Also congratulations on your move! That's wonderful your townhouse sold so quickly!